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DATAVISO Roadmaps Planner helps you focus on the management instead of chasing data.

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DATAVISO – Award winning solution

Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile trust our vision as they awarded us as the Czech national start-up Telekom Innovation Contest winner in 2014.

Critical market data at your fingertips

See the lifecycles of your IT assets. Create your visual roadmaps with the technologies you use or the ones you are interested in. Our database manages for you 22 222+ software products of these vendors and partners:

Check your IT assets lifecycle

DATAVISO Tech-Checker

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Foresighting IT

DATAVISO provides a unique worldwide SaaS and DaaS platform that automates the management of IT assets’ lifecycles. All by using a visual interactive planning tool – DATAVISO Roadmaps Planner.

DATAVISO Lifecycle Database and DATAVISO Roadmaps Planner create the perfect connection of reliable up-to-date data and online tools. Tailor-made for CIOs, CTOs, ICT strategists and ICT architects.


Roadmaps Planner

Application Portfolio Analysis is critical for every business regardless of size, technology environment or industry. There are many approaches to running Application Portfolio Assessment but it’s vital to constantly keep track of the technical fitness of your software. Using DATAVISO Roadmaps Planner makes this task automated and easier.


Lifecycle Database

Our centralized database contains 22 222+ software products. We provide up-to-date information about the support expiration dates confirmed by software vendors. DATAVISO is always creating new partnerships to ensure its database covers all relevant vendors and their lifecycle data.


Information Service

We are constantly monitoring the area of IT-support for you. We gather reliable information directly from vendors and field media. DATAVISO publishes monthly expert summaries of the most important events in the field of software lifecycles. Our newsletter keeps you in the loop of significant news impacting ICT business. Sign up, follow us on Twitter, and stay tuned.

Integrated Content Provider

DATAVISO Lifecycle Database is designed to integrate perfectly with your Configuration or IT Asset management systems. This allows you to precisely control, report on your IT assets and integrate into your tools in the areas of ITSM, Enterprise Architecture, Project Portfolio Management, Risk Management and Unified Reporting of your Business Intelligence.

Main benefits of DATAVISO

Save your time

Use DATAVISO to do in minutes what can otherwise take weeks. The biggest money savings may be in elapsed time and in not waiting for others.

Make the right decision

Focus on management instead of chasing data. Achieve the greatest ROI using DATAVISO tools and latest data to evaluate IT requirements and efficiency.

Power strategic projects

Advance business enabling projects by having the right IT capability at the right time.

IBM is happy to support the broad vision and implementation of DATAVISO, to be part of a platform for strategic discussions on IT technology planning and discuss all market options when we see big change for SaaS solution than before.
Petr Biskup | Alliance Manager IBM Ecosystem Development
DATAVISO supports ČSOB in proper planning and forecasting the expenses related to our application portfolio by predicting the impacts in years to come. It also allows us to focus on the technological matters rather than spending tremendous effort on unnecessary information gathering.
Miroslav Tlapák | IT Executive Manager KBC Group / ČSOB

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